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14 May 2016

Due to high demand my order book is now closed until the late summer 2016. 

We have a new model based on the old 1930 National Style N, the Busker Chicago, now available.  The 'Chicago' has a 12 fret nickel plated brass body and 48 mm neck with the 30s crown style headstock.

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Phew!  What turmoil in the worlds financial markets lately.  Big name banks going bust, share prices falling, where will it all end?  Well, this is not the first time we have been here.  The great excesses and greed of the banking and finance markets in the 1920s all came to a halt when the bubble burst on the 21 October 1929, ushering in the Great Depression.

But some companies faired better that others throughout the 1930s.  The National String Instrument Corporation produced great sounding, highly practical resophonic instruments enabling professional players and street musicians to continue to make a living during hard times.  And what classic instruments, players and music sprang from that era - Guitars like the Duolian, Style O and Tricone; musicians like Son House, Booker White, Blind Boy Fuller, Tampa Red... the list goes on.

Our philosophy at Busker Guitars is to step into those shoes by providing great instruments for live music at affordable prices to enable you to creatively pursue your musical career during uncertain times.

Robin Clark


At Busker Guitars we are passionate about providing musicians with practical, realistically priced resophonic guitars in the tradition of the guitar makers of the 1920s and 1930s.  We source direct from a small guitar workshop overseas, and have carefully specified design features to ensure the dynamic tone and playability of each of our models.  Every guitar is finished and set-up at Busker Guitars in Wales.

Busker Delta 12 fret Steel Bodied Single Cone

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